Empowering Enterprises’ Safe Management Measures

With AGIL™ Trace, not only will it make visitor registration a seamless and hassle-free process, it heightens security up a notch as there is traceability of every visitor checking in and out of the premises.


AGIL™ Trace

Installation Guide


  • Download the apk file from the download section
  • Minimum requirement: Android 5.0 and above
  • a2

    Option (A) Accessing AGIL™ Trace website via mobile phone:

  • Select the Android button to start the download for APK file
  • Option (B) Accessing AGIL™ Trace website via computer:

  • If a previous AGIL™ Trace APK file was already download, you may be prompted to rename the APK file
  • a3
  • Press on the APK file to start installation
  • a4
  • Select "Open" to proceed with installation
  • a5
  • Select “Install” when prompted by your phone
  • You can also find the full Android guide in PDF here


    • Use the iOS button in the download section to redirect to Sunburst
    • Minimum requirement: iPhone 6s and newer with iOS 13.0 and above
  • Select the iOS button to be redirected to Sunburst Connect
  • After you login with your Sunburst credentials, the QR code for iOS phones to scan will be displayed
  • Open the in-built Camera app to scan the QR code for iOS in Sunburst Connect. You may also use the in-built QR code reader through Control Center
  • Select "Install" when prompted
  • i3

    Once the app has been downloaded, you will need to accept the ST Engineering certificates before the app can be used. This occurs because AGIL™ Trace is a private and customized application developed by our in-house team, and is not publicly available on the App Store

    You can find an instructional video for setting the "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" here

  • On your phone, go to Settings -> General -> Device Management
  • i4
  • Under ENTERPRISE APP, click on "Singapore Technologies Engineering..."
  • i5
  • Tap on Trust "Singapore Technologies Engineering LTD" and select "Trust"
  • You can also find the full iOS guide in PDF here
    You can find an instructional video for setting the "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" here

    User Guide

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    The full guides are available in PDF for Android and iOS


    Release Version
    AGIL™ Trace v2.4.0
    Minimum requirements:
    Android 5.0+, iOS 13.0+

    Android iOS

    The download for IOS has been moved to Sunburst due to licensing requirements

    Click here to access the Staff Registration QR Code