1) What is AGIL Trace?

AGIL Trace is a contact tracing application meant to be incorporated as part of a visitor management system for enterprises; it keeps a digital record of Bluetooth enabled proximity and time duration information to support contact tracing efforts by entrusted authorities.

2) Who built AGIL Trace?

AGIL Trace is built by the InfoSoft Product & Technology Development team of ST Engineering (Electronics).

3) How does AGIL Trace App work?

AGIL Trace app makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a wireless personal area network technology, to exchange proximity and time duration data between mobile phone devices (Android & iOS based). The information is exchanged in a cooperative pair-wise mode through the app. The data is encrypted in the phone and automatically uploaded to a secured server managed by trusted authorities of the enterprise owner. Subsequently, the data will be removed from the phone. The proximity records extracted from the server can be analysed by duration and distance for contact tracing.

4) How does AGIL Trace measure distance and duration of contact?

AGIL Trace makes use of the Relative Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) of Bluetooth signals detected by the device to approximate the proximity and duration of encounter. No location data is collected in this process.

5) How is AGIL Trace different from TraceTogether?

The main differences are in ownership and access to proximity data, feature set and use cases.

Ownership and Access to Data

AGIL Trace stores proximity data on the mobile device temporarily and sends them to a secured database when internet connection is available. The data is encrypted while on the mobile phone, in transit, and also in the database. The proximity data is available to the private enterprise, who can make use of the information in conjunction with visitor/staff check-in and check-out records to conduct more effective contact tracing if a user of AGIL Trace tests positive.

In comparison, TraceTogether stores the proximity data on-device in encrypted form; and is only accessible by the Ministry of Health. If a user tests positive, the user then manually uploads the data to the Authority's database for contact tracing analysis.

Feature Set

TraceTogether is designed as a standalone contract tracing application, and is designed to be always turned on for contact tracing regardless of where the user is.

While AGIL Trace is also a contact tracing application, it has the added functionality of the user checking in/out from a specific location (e.g. office premises, place of interest, etc.), allowing contact tracing to be triangulated and determined more accurately. In future, the system can also ingest other sources of data (e.g. calendar schedule, card access points) into an entity resolution engine to further enhance the accuracy of contact tracing.

Use Case

AGIL Trace is designed to be used by private enterprises in conjunction with staff or visitors checking in and out of a specific location, whereas TraceTogether is meant for use by the public and works as an always-on application. Also, access to the encounter history in TraceTogether is triggered by a staff from Ministry of Health when someone is a confirmed diagnosis, whereas the encounter history in AGIL Trace is assessed by an authorised person from the private enterprise when informed by the Authorities of a positive case.

6) How do I set up AGIL Trace?

Please follow the installation and user guide instructions at; there are specific instructions for iOS and for Android.

7) I am an iOS user, why do I encounter an "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" message error?

The message appears because AGIL Trace is a customised enterprise app developed solely for ST Engineering use. You can simply go to Settings > General > Device Management > Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd > "Trust Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd" . Or you may also click here to watch the instructional video. It can be found in Step 2 of the iOS installation guide.

8) I am trying to access the installation instructions and user guide on but the web page is blocked.

You would need to disconnect from VPN to access the site. We are working with our Group IT to unblock the site. Alternatively, you can click onto the link directly from your mobile phone.

9) Does AGIL Trace need to be in the foreground to work? Can I use other apps?

AGIL Trace can be used in the background in Android devices, which means that as long as Bluetooth is turned on, you may freely use other apps without hindering AGIL Trace.

For iOS devices, Bluetooth signals become interrupted once the AGIL Trace app is moved to the background (i.e. you lock the screen or use another app). Hence, to keep AGIL Trace active in iOS devices, please keep the app open and activate the "Low Power Mode" to conserve battery life.

10) There is an alert notification popping up stating that the AGIL Trace app is running in the background. Is this normal? Can I switch it off?

This is normal. For your device to continue detecting other nearby devices, you would need to keep the app open and make use of the Power Saving Mode option to dim the device screen.

11) Would keeping AGIL Trace running consume a lot of data and battery life?

Bluetooth tracking does not consume significant amounts of battery; in fact, most of us already have Bluetooth turned on for connection to other devices.

The amount of data transmitted is also considerably small, and did not result in noticeable jumps in data consumption in our tests.

12) Who do I contact should I require assistance with AGIL Trace?

You may reach the support team at for assistance with the app.

13) What personal data is collected?

AGIL Trace collects only the following personal data:

  • Name
  • Employee ID
  • Mobile number
  • Sector and Business Unit
  • Device ID

No location data is collected.

14) Does using AGIL Trace mean that my location will be tracked and recorded by the company?

No, AGIL Trace does not track or record location data; only device proximity and duration of encounter are recorded.

15) How does Contact Tracing Occur via AGIL Trace??

Should a user of AGIL Trace test positive (for Covid-19 or other infectious disease), the Authority can inform the relevant building owners or enterprises. AGIL Trace can then track down other devices which had been in close proximity of a certain distance and for a specific duration, and notify these device users accordingly

AGIL Trace has the added benefit of referencing additional data sources from the enterprise, such as visitor and staff check-in/out logs from the app, to augment and enhance the contact tracing process.